Having been born and educated in Blackpool and at the University of Sheffield I returned to my hometown (dubbed “The Entertainment Capital of the North’) as a professional actor in the local repertory theatre. Apart from having a whale of a good time, weekly rep gave me a marvellous grounding in popular theatre with plays ranging from the thrillers, “Gaslight” and “The Shop at Sly Corner”, to weepies like “ Twice Round the Daffodils” and superb comedies like Waterhouse & Halls “Celebration”.

Flushed with acting success (A ‘Hem!) I took the train to the bright lights of London and the BBC at their spanking new television centre building at White City and from the lowly beginnings of floor assistant (£11 per week and nothing found thank-you very much). I progressed to researcher on documentaries to writer/director in Children’s programmes.

Ten years went by in a flash, fuelled by the excellent red wine in the BBC club bar (Cote Du Rhone, since you ask) and I was appointed Executive Producer Light Entertainment and Children’s Programmes at BBC Manchester. Culminating after another ten years (Sancerre in the Midland Hotel this time) - in Commissioning Editor for Independent Productions - the best job of the lot!

Above: Early London Years

After six years of hectic commissioning with over £12 million in budgets I left the BBC for my own companies  - under the Brunswick Hill label - and to work as a visiting lecturer at the University of Salford.

I’d be delighted if you found the time to visit the section of the site flying the Brunswick Hill flag to get a flavour of the exciting range of opportunities and challenges they offer.

And, of course, if any of these companies can be of any assistance to you whether for advice on a TV concept or long-term development of a drama series. I’d be delighted if you’d get in touch.

Above: Script writing session while at BBC Manchester, Oxford Road