Media Production

The production arm of the Brunswick Hill Group develops a wide range of television and radio productions.

The projects below features only a part of Brunswick Hill’s programmes in development. Some have been developed with specific broadcasters in mind; all are available for commission to pilot, full script and production stage.

The following projects are currently in development:

Above: On the set of 'Dear Ladies' during the traditional 100 slate celebrations

Last Exit To Salford

Six part series of ten-minute dramas potentially for BBC2 or Channel 4


A highly developed drama series for weekday post watershed timeslot on either BBC1 or ITV1

The Other Coronation Streets

Six part series for ITV1

Meddlesome Matty

Twenty-Six part series of five-minute story shows for young children on either BBC1 or ITV1

Ferry Family

Strong storyline series featuring a family running one of the Mersey Ferries

Fizz Buzz

Daily five-minute quiz for a children’s audience

What a Performance!

BBC2 series of thirteen episodes at ten-minute duration each

For a full list of productions in development contact Brunswick Hill at